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For in-ground vinyl swimming pool liner replacement and installation in the Oklahoma City area, we humbly invite you to choose A-Pro Services.  We'll take good care of you, with liners directly from America's best liner manufacturers. 

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Pool Liner Replacement and Installation Mustang OK


   A-Pro Services offers expert in ground pool liner installation in the Oklahoma City Area, including  Mustang. This page, , is part of , and is here to help those planning to replace a vinyl swimming pool liner.  Whether you plan to install your new liner yourself, or would like to have it installed by A-Pro, we hope it will be helpful to have the information to get it done right!

   For swimming pool liner installation or replacement, we invite you to choose A-Pro  - It will be our pleasure to serve you!     

wimming Pool Liners in Mustang OK

    We are very pleased to serve the city of Mustang's vinyl liner replacement needs.  Because we are blessed to work directly with the best liner manufacturers in the world, we are able to provide first rate products, get them fairly quickly, and have them designed for a perfect fit.    Our many years of experience allows us to provide excellent installation in the Mustang area.

    We usually tell our customers in Mustang that it takes about 3 weeks to get a liner measured, ordered, delivered and installed.  Actually, it usually takes about half that, but people are much happier when they get their job completed early, so we allow for things like weather, or other delays.  I shouldn't admit this, I suppose, but one time I ordered the completely wrong liner for a pool by mistake, and didn't discover it until I double checked the specs before installation.   Oops...    We immediately ordered the correct liner, and still had the job done on the original schedule.  I wouldn't call this a shining moment, but the customer was very pleased, and that's what really matters! Here's a photo of the Ocean Beach liner being installed in a pool in Mustang.  This pool shape is called Grecian.  Notice that the liner is being held in place by the vacuum on the left, and that the pool has just started filling.

                                          Inground Grecian Ocean Beach Liner Installed In Mustang      

    A-Pro Services has installed a lot of in-ground pool liners in Mustang, Oklahoma.  Having spent a lot of time in Mustang, we have grown quite fond of the community and it's people.  Some call Mustang a "bedroom community" to Oklahoma City, but, really, it is a thriving community all it's own.  Mustang is a community full of just plain decent folks, who are connected to the modern world, but still country enough to be good neighbors and friends.  If you're new to Mustang, you'll love it here.  If you're not, the chances are, you probably already do.  Either way, A-Pro Services is here to help you with your vinyl liner pool replacement needs, and other repairs and renovations for your in-ground vinyl lined pool.


In-Ground Vinyl Liner Pools In Mustang

     If you have an in-ground vinyl lined pool in Mustang, you are not alone.  There are lots of them.  Vinyl lined pools are not a compromise to a concrete pool in Mustang, they are a preference.  Vinyl in-ground pools work well in Oklahoma because we get some ground shift here, and these pools are flexible.  They are also easier to keep clean and are not as rough on automatic cleaners as concrete pools, not to mention that vinyl is much easier on the skin than concrete.  If  an in-ground vinyl liner is properly installed and taken care of well, it will last just as long as the plaster on a concrete, or gunite pool, and the cost of replacing an in-ground vinyl liner is about half, or even less, than re-plastering.  Another good thing is that you can pretty much remodel the theme of your back yard by changing the liner, just as you can by painting and changing the carpet in the house. 

      If you are new to pool ownership, or if you need to have your liner replaced, this site has a lot of helpful information to get you acquainted with your pool, and learn about the process involved with replacing your liner. 

     At the upper right are links to our liner selections by brand (we can get just about any brand of liner you want, but we have chosen these because of quality and price.  Our first priority is quality, but since we buy these brands directly from the factory, we get them at pretty reasonable prices.  It also enables us to respond more quickly if there were to be an error or a warranty issue.  The better option, is of course to not have warranty issues!  That's why we have chosen to use these brands.  All are American made, top quality products.  You deserve nothing less.

      Next are some learning links, because even though you might not want to tackle the installation of an in-ground liner yourself, it's good to know how it should be done.   On the home page, there is an excerpt from each page topic, or you can just use the links on this page. The home page also features our Online Billpay. (If you want to get back to this page, it is listed under "Other Links" on the lower right side)  The other links on the right are to our related websites about equipment maintenance, spa repairs, an so forth, but I wanted to keep this site focused on vinyl liners.  APROSVC.COM is our company's main home page, but it can be a bit distracting!  The other sites are, similarly to this one, are focused on their specific aspects of pool ownership.

     At the top of each page there is the BBB logo.  You can click it to check our current standing.  Also, there is a References link which goes to a page where we linked to sites that have customer reviews about us.  Please check them out!  If there is anything we can do to make our sites more useful or easier to navigate, let us know!  (By the way, we do have mobile sites, in various stages of development, with text sizes and layout for older style and "less smart" phones.  The main difference is layout and text size.  If you are having trouble reading this page, you might want to give it a try.  On smart phones, particularly, the pages can be resized to be pretty readable.

                                Pool Liner Installed  Grecian Ell Mustang    Grecian Ell Liner in Mustang


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