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For in-ground vinyl swimming pool liner replacement and installation in the Oklahoma City area, we humbly invite you to choose A-Pro Services.  We'll take good care of you, with liners directly from America's best liner manufacturers. 

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Plastimayd In-Ground Swimming Pool Liners

Oklahoma City Area Edmond Yukon Mustang Moore Norman Piedmont Midwest City Del City El Reno Some things to know about Above Ground pool liners.

   Just a little info about Plastimayd pool liners,  Plastimayd Liners have been around for a long time, We have sold them for more than 25 years.  They have now sold out to Latham, so we'll see how it goes,   We want to sell only the best in in-ground vinyl liners, because

                                                          It's not just a pool....  It's Your pool!


  Plastimayd is now owned by Latham International, so there will be some changes. 28 mil liners are now 27 mil, and all will have Latham's UltraSeam.  Thickness options will be limited for some patterns, also. 

About Plastimayd Liners

   Plastimayd has been making swimming pool liners for more than 60 years.  I've been installing them for half that long, and I can only recall one warranty issue in that time.  That's pretty incredible, really.  These liners fit well, and I like installing them partly because they accurately mark the corners and breakpoints, making installation faster and more precise.  Plastimayd categorizes their liner patterns  by the depth of the color.  Secondary to that, patterns are available in different thicknesses, and enhancements.  Some patterns are available in all four options, some available with matching textured tread others available in only 20 mil.  For 2017, Plastimayd offers 35 printed patterns, plus solids.  Most are available with Posi-Trac texture for covered stairs.

Categorically Speaking:

   Classic series are 20 mil. (twenty thousandths of an inch thick).   20 mil liners are adequate for most in-ground pools, and until recently were the most common.

     PermaWall, Now called DuoMax liners have 27 mil walls, with a 20 mil floor.  While that may seem backwards, there is actually more potential for the walls to be damaged than the floor, especially in areas (like Oklahoma) with deep freeze-thaw cycles, thus the thicker walls. Odds are, though, just about anything in Oklahoma that will damage 20 thousandths of an inch would  probably cut 27 thousandths, as well.  One advantage to the Permawall is that, since the walls are thicker than the floor, the walls do not stretch as much when the liner is installed.  This means less stress on the bead, and corners that tend not to bow in as the liner ages.

     Premium, now called SuperMax series liners are 27 mil on both the floor and walls, and may be a good choice for pools with heavy use, or when interior of the pool is less than perfectly smooth.  Probably, most pools would be better suited to the Premium series.

    Ultramayd series liners were 20 mil liners which had additives to help better withstand chemicals, sunlight, and elements.  Plastimayd said that the Ultramayd can last up to 50% longer, but there are too many variables to consider when deciding whether to pay the significant extra cost. UltraMayd has been discontinued.

     Solid liners have no tile pattern.  There are three plain colors, plus a very dark Tye Dye.  the plain colors are all 20 mil, the Tye Dye is available in all thicknesses.

    Posi-Trac is Plastimayd's name for the textured tread option for stairs and swim-outs. It is available in all matching patterns except 4, and in 4 plain accent colors.  

    Latham Pool Products now owns Plastimayd.  The liners that we sell here in Oklahoma will still be made in the Bossier City, Louisiana plant, so shipping times should still be pretty good.  They will now have Latham's UltraSeam.  Personally, I don't think it's that big of a deal.  Plastimayd had good seams to begin with, I never had one fail.  They are supposed to be less visible, but not really that much.  More of a sales thing, if you ask me.  Also, 28 mil thicknesses are now 27 mil.  Latham is a huge company that has been in the liner business a long time, so we'll see what happens! 

Plastimayd  Liners....

"For a fit so perfect

                    You'll think

                              we used a Brush!"



Here's the Lineup

  Deep and Dramatic


Liner-Plastimayd_Williamsport   Liner-Plastimayd_Summerwave   Liner-Plastimayd_Sapphire

Liner-Plastimayd_Ocean-Barolo   Liner-Plastimayd_Legends   Liner-Plastimayd_Lancashire

Liner-Plastimayd_Indigo   Liner-Plastimayd_Coventry   Liner-Plastimayd_Courtstone

Liner-Plastimayd_Cancun   Liner-Plastimayd_BaliBlueGranite   Liner-Plastimayd_ArubaBlueGranite


Rich and Vibrant

Liner-Plastimayd_CobaltLakeGreyMosaic   Liner-Plastimayd_Chesapeake   Liner-Plastimayd_CambridgeRoyalPrism

Liner-Plastimayd_BaroloPrism   Liner-Plastimayd_VintageMosaic   Liner-Plastimayd_SpiralMosaicOceanBreakers

Liner-Plastimayd_PrinstonGemstone   Liner-Plastimayd_PanamaRoyalPrism   Liner-Plastimayd_PacificTide

Liner-Plastimayd_MountainTopBlueMosaic   Liner-Plastimayd_MoonstruckCreekstone   Liner-Plastimayd_Midnight BaroloNatGrey

Liner-Plastimayd_HavanaCreekstone   Liner-Plastimayd_HamptonSeaglass   Liner-Plastimayd_DynastieBlueGranite



Light and Tranquil

Liner-Plastimayd_TanSierraGoldPebble   Liner-Plastimayd_SantaCruz   Liner-Plastimayd_MarbleInlayCrystal

Liner-Plastimayd_DolphinSeabrook   Liner-Plastimayd_CapriFrescoII   Liner-Plastimayd_AdmirasSeabrook

Solid Liners


  In ground swimming pool liner photo - White liner by Plastimayd  In ground swimming pool liner photo -Santiago by Plastimayd  In ground swimming pool liner photo - Diamond Breeze by Plastimayd  In ground swimming pool liner photo - Tye Dye by Plastimayd  

  White                    Blue                    Aqua                    Tye-Dye