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  It's all we've got.  We work very hard to keep it!  Read more below, or, actually, for most devices, the regular site is very mobile friendly, so if the scrolling on this page drives you crazy, try using this page:


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Our Reputation

Prompt and Professional

Pool and Spa Service and Repair

    We have worked pretty hard over these last many years, to become the best at what we do.  In the process, we learned a few things about public review sites, like YP and others.  One thing I have learned, is that just by asking, most customers will leave a nice review!  As our own websites became prominent in search engines, we found that we needed to advertise less with online directories.  I learned the hard way that, if you stop paying them, your listing and all those reviews disappear!  This is especially true at YP.  Nearly 60 reviews and a 5-star rating...Poof!

   I suppose that's just as well, in some ways, because so many businesses had started writing their own fake reviews, which invalidates the entire concept!

   That being said, here are some links to the review sites we know about, nearly all are positive, but of course, there is the occasional competitor written slam, or a nut who complains for two years that you didn't return his singular phone call (although their VM box is full).

   Anyway. we will soon be launching our own review page, with real reviews that can't be faked. and won't disappear!  Until then, here's what we've found:

BBB Linked Logo  We are BBB accredited, with an A+ rating, and, now that the BBB has a review function, we have 9 A reviews, and one guy who is still mad after more than two years because he says we never called him back.  Click the logo to read what the BBB has to say about us.

Local.com  We never did pay them a dime, so Kudos to them! (9 reviews, 5 star rating)


Superpages.com   We advertised with them for a year or two, but they are more national, and our work is in Oklahoma.  Lat time I checked the reviews were still there, but they got our name wrong!  (14 reviews, 10 that are posted, 9 5-star, 1 1-star, average rating 4.5.  At that same time, the 1-star  person evidently thought that none of the positive reviews were helpful!  Allegedly, we wouldn't go clean their pool.  We don't clean pools!  I guess you can't win them all....


YP.com   When we stopped advertising with them, our reviews disappeared.  When we started our ads on YP Mobile, they promised to put them back, but never did.  There were nearly 60 reviews, and a tip missing off the 5th star.  Currently, there are 2 5-star reviews. at YP.com. 


Yellowbook.com  Yellowbook has both of our numbers listed, there are currently no reviews, as we haven't advertised with them in many years, so we don't show up in organic searches.  This link is here just in case you did somehow find us there. 


Angie's List    Literally everyone who actually hired us through Angie's List gave us an A rating, but I do want to mention something here.  While Angie's list uses the thinly veiled premise that businesses can't pay to be listed, they do pay some pretty steep fees for placement.  When they first started, they sent us some work, because we were one of the most reputable companies around, and the had no-one willing to pay.  After receiving the Super Service Award for a couple of years, out of appreciation, I paid $2000 them one year.  The next year, they wanted 2 1/2 times as much, so I refused.  The rep promised that if I didn't sign up, we would be so buried that we would never be found.  Maybe we were, but I don't care, we're still eating.  The point here is that the best companies don't necessarily make the top of the list.  Reviews are scrutinized by staff members, and can be somewhat manipulated, but they do at least make sure that each reviewer has a unique perceived identity.  You have to have a membership (which I don"t) to read our reviews, this link goes to the home page.  You would have to sort alphabetically, or find us by name or phone #.  33 reviews, A rating.

 Local Reviews (Archives)  These are reviews we found around the web, some from the sources above.  I'm working on building a functional customer review page so you can directly leave feedback here.


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Pool Repair Spa Repair Pool Service Spa Service Pool heaters, Pool liners, in ground (inground) liners,  above ground liners, safety covers, spa parts, spa motors, spa controls spa diagnostics, pool equipment, pool pumps, spa pumps, pool motors, heaters,  Oklahoma City Area, including Bethany, Edmond, El Reno, Mustang,  Zip Codes include Moore, Yukon, Warr Acres, and Metro OKC.    zip codes include:  73003, 73008, 73013,73034, 73083, 73036, 73059, 73064, 73090,73099, 73064, 73101, 73102, 73103, 73104, 73105, 73106, 73107, 73108, 73109, 73110, 73111. 73112, 73113, 73114, 73115, 73116, 73117, 73118, 73119, 73120, 73121, 73122, 73123, 73124, 73125, 73126, 73127, 73128, 73129, 73130, 73131, 73132, 73134, 73135, 73136, 73137, 73139, 73140, 73141, 73142, 73143, 73144, 73145, 73146, 73147, 73148, 73149, 73150, 73151, 73152, 73153, 73154, 73155, 73156, 73157, 73159, 73160, 73162, 73163, 73164, 73165, 73167, 73169, 73170, 73172, 73173, 73178, 73179, 73184, 73185, 73189, 73190, 73194, 73195, 73196, 73197, 73198,



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