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.   A-Pro Services offers expert swimming pool liner sales and  installation, with  replacement liners by many manufacturers including Loop-Loc.  On this page, we'll just talk about Loop-Loc Swimming Pool liners.    If you need more information about Loop-Loc swimming pool liners, feel free to contact us by e-mail [customer@poollinerokc.com] or by phone - we'll be more than happy to help with all your questions!

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 See Loop-Loc's beautiful patterns below!




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All About Loop-Loc Swimming Pool Liners

   Loop-Loc has long been recognized as the first and best manufacturer in the world of swimming pool safety covers, but, until recently, many people didn't know that Loop-Loc also manufactures very high quality in-ground vinyl liners, as well, with more than 30 contemporary patterns to choose from!

   Although I have sold their safety covers for more than 30 years, we didn't sell their liners, because Loop-Loc liners cost more than the other brands.  That's partly because they are made in New York, where the cost of living - and everything else - is higher.  They have to pay their employees more, which means higher payroll taxes, worker compensation, compliance with EPA regulations, etc.  It is also partly because of quality control measures implemented by Loop-Loc, as well as state-of-the art precision manufacturing, and high quality, American made materials.  Loop-Loc will not make your liner within hours of receiving the order, rather, they make it accurately, and in a timely manner, usually within 5 business days. 

    Loop-Loc impressed me when we needed a huge 29 x 85 liner that was 11 feet deep.   I didn't call Loop-Loc at first, because, at that time, they were the most expensive, so we contacted 3 other manufacturers.  One said they could not make it, one said maybe, one said they would have an engineer call me.  I then called Loop-Loc, and the first customer service rep I spoke with immediately said "yes, we can".  Loop-Loc manufactured the liner, and it fit perfectly,

  including the oddly placed vinyl covered step!    Loop-Loc Saharah in giant pool

 Loop-Loc Saharah in pool   ( I'm that little dot in the deep end )

(Click on images for a larger view)

    Since then, we began to sell more Loop-Loc liners, and have found them to be consistently of excellent quality, shipped in a timely manner, and perfectly fitted.    Loop-Loc has some very interesting patterns, from the very traditional Hampton Blue, to  more modern patterns, some that are exclusive to Loop-Loc, and the ultra-modern, exciting Pearl Essence series.  These liners are actually reflective, and can create dazzling effects in your pool, especially if you combine them with LED lighting.  Pearl Essence liners cost extra, but if you want something unique and dazzling, there is nothing else out there like them!  Loop-Loc also offers an unprecedented six plain colors, and if you have vinyl covered steps, you can get them textured in a pattern to match the liner.  Because we feel that texture is so valuable for safety, A-Pro Services provides it at no additional charge.   In addition, if you purchase a Loop-Loc safety cover along with your new liner,  there can be significant savings.


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        Loop-Loc is an American Company.  The factory is on Long Island, New York. They were the first, and are still by far, the best safety cover manufacturer in the world, and a leading manufacturer of vinyl swimming pool liners.  We are very pleased to be able to work directly with them to bring you the very best quality and variety at competitive pricing!

    Loop-Loc is famous for having the only safety cover strong enough to hold Bubbles, the African elephant.  

  But lets not get distracted, yet....           

    Take a look at Loop-Loc's

  2017 Liner Pattern selections!


Best Value 28 Mil Liners

Loop-Loc offers these liner patterns with a free 20 mil upgrade on both the the wall and the floor. It is not a gimmick, it is real money, and real value. These popular traditional patterns are cued up and ready to go, so in order to increase production, the free upgrade means factory workers spend less time changing materials and allows the production lines to keep rolling.


Loop-Loc-Liner_Wavestone       Loop-Loc-Liner_Tribeca       Loop-Loc-Liner_SplashingWaves       Loop-Loc-Liner_SantaFe

Loop-Loc-Liner_SagHarbor       Loop-Loc-Liner_OceanReef       Loop-Loc-Liner_Ibiza       Loop-Loc-Liner_HamptonBlue 



Stunning Standard Liner Patterns

   These liner patterns come standard in a 20 mil thickness, and are available with upgrades to 28 mil wall, or 28 mil wall and floor.  There is an extra cost with these upgrades, so, obviously, if pattern is not your very first priority, and you would like a 28 mil liner, consider whether you might like one of the patterns above.  Actually 20 mil liners have been the industry standard for many years, so it's not that it is a cheaply made liner, it just takes about a third less raw material to make it, weighs less to ship. There's a  great selection in the standard patterns.   As usual, there are a few new patterns this year, and whether you like something dark, light, different colored, or bold, there is a little something gorgeous here for everyone.


Loop-Loc-Liner_ViennaSeaBlue       Loop-Loc-Liner_Tortola       Loop-Loc-Liner_SapphireSunset       Loop-Loc-Liner_PawleysIsland

Loop-Loc-Liner_Mykonos       Loop-Loc-Liner_Harmony       Loop-Loc-Liner_CarribianTeal       Loop-Loc-Liner_BiminiIsle

Loop-Loc-Liner_Capri       Loop-Loc-Liner_Belize       Loop-Loc-Liner_Barbuda       Loop-Loc-Liner_Antigua



Beautiful Bold and Borderless! 

  These borderless liner patterns are among the boldest and most daring, a departure from the usual.  These are exclusive patterns, available only from Loop-Loc.  As such, they are premium patterns, and rightly so.    These award winning creations  are available in 20 mil, 28 mil,  or 28mil wall with 20 mil floor. Textured vinyl for stairs is also available with these patterns.


Loop-Loc-Liner_BellaVista       Loop-Loc-Liner_AcquaBlue



Subtle Elegance

And then there's the Captiva. This premium pattern , available  in 28 mil, for those with a more understated elegance in mind. 





The Elegance of the Pearl Essence

     Loop-Loc may be setting a new trend with their Pearl Essence collection.  There is no other collection like it, they are only available from  Loop-Loc. These reflective patterns can create dramatic effects!   Under daylight or pool light, these patterns dazzle.  Moonstone is available in 20 mil only, Platinum Onyx is available in 28 mil only, the others are available in either 28 or 20 mil thicknesses.  For elegant style,  there's just nothing else like them!


Loop-Loc-Liner_SilverCloud       Loop-Loc-Liner_PlatinumOnyx       Loop-Loc-Liner_OpalescentBlues       Loop-Loc-Liner_Moonstone

Loop-Loc-Liner_BronzeReflections       Loop-Loc-Liner_LuminousSoulHere are a few pictures of  Pearl Essence liners in pools   There is also a Video



And there is definitely nothing like this one!

Shimmering Seawaves!

        The entire liner is embossed!

     This borderless crown jewel from the reflective Pearl Essence collection is the first and only of it's kind!  Only from Loop-Loc.  No Compromises, No Excuses.  Just American ingenuity at work.


Loop-Loc-Liner_ShimmeringSeaWaves Click the pic!


Here are a few pictures of  Pearl Essence liners in pools   With a Video



From the other end of the spectrum,

Solids Without Borders.

  Nothing fancy, here, just well made, simple colors.


Loop-Loc-Liner_WhiteLoop-Loc-Liner_SteelGreyLoop-Loc-Liner_MontaukBlue Loop-Loc-Liner_LightGrey   



These Textured Step patterns are available with their corresponding floor patterns.






Closeout Liners

   Loop-Loc is one of few manufacturers who offer full warranty on their closeout patterns, with the exception that, if there is a warranty issue, and the liner is to be replaced, you probably will not be able to get the same pattern again. 

   For the most part, I would say that, if you are spending a few thousand dollars to replace your liner, it is best to choose what you like, rather than to save perhaps a couple hundred bucks for what you are willing to settle for. 

   If you are planning to sell the house soon, it is tempting to replace the liner with the cheapest thing you can get, but you really shouldn't.   You wouldn't replace the carpeting with green shag, just to save a few bucks, and the same is true for the pool liner.  The pool is usually the dominant feature in the back yard, and often the most scrutinized, so you would want to replace the liner with a pattern that is most appealing to the most people.  If the home is very high end, consider the Pearl Essence series (Platinum Onyx or Moonstone, at first glance, give the appearance of a concrete pool).  For most homes, though, any standard pattern that goes well with the general decor will do just fine.  One thing to remember is the first impression...  Often the first glimpse of the pool is through a window from inside the home, so you will want to take that view into account.  We always bring liner samples with us when we come to do the estimate, and we'll be happy to hold them up near the pool for you. 

 Because it's not just another pool.... It's Your pool!


Discontinued Patterns

Photo - Loop-Loc Sahara CLOSEOUT

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