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For in-ground vinyl swimming pool liner replacement and installation in the Oklahoma City area, we humbly invite you to choose A-Pro Services.  We'll take good care of you, with liners directly from America's best liner manufacturers. 

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GLI Swimming Pool Liner Sales Replacement and Installation

Oklahoma City Area - Edmond  Moore Mustang Yukon Piedmont Norman

   A-Pro Services installs and replaces GLI and other brands in-ground liners the Oklahoma City Area, including Bethany, Edmond, Moore, Mustang, Yukon, Piedmont, Midwest City, Del City, and Norman.

   We strive to provide the best in quality, American made liners, and professional installation by people who care.  For swimming pool liner installation or replacement, we invite you to choose A-Pro  - It will be our pleasure to serve you, because


            it's not just a pool liner...    It's Your Pool Liner!  


GLI  In-ground Swimming Pool Liners

     GLI  Pool Products in-ground liners and  swimming pool safety covers are manufactured in Youngstown, Ohio, USA.  GLI offers first rate materials, accurate manufacturing processes, and fast delivery.

    A-Pro Services offers expert  liner measurement, installation, and replacement liners by GLI and other manufacturers in the Oklahoma City Area, and most of Oklahoma.  We also ship custom in-ground vinyl liners all over the United States.   You can click on the pictures to get a closer look, they can be resized to full screen on most portable devices (to save data, try the no-frills mobile site). If you need more information about swimming pool liners, feel free to contact us.  We'll be happy to serve you, and answer all your questions!

What's New This Year with GLI In-ground Liners

    GLI has six new patterns this year, discontinued two.  All but a few are now offered in "Full Floor" patterns, meaning without a tile border, at no extra charge. Sure-Step (textured for vinyl covered steps) is now available to match nearly all patterns, in addition to blue and white.  GLI does a good job with Sure-Step,  even with patterns like the Ocean Beach (my personal favorite) where you want the tile on the steps to make sense. There are a lot of possibilities with the GLI collection, and for the most part, you can get the look you want, without a lot of extra cost.  The Signature Plus series is a particularly good buy, because they are 28 mil for the same price as the Destination and Signature series.

     GLI is now using what they call G-Fusion, which they claim is a better seam.  There was nothing wrong with their old seams, I only had one fail, ever.  What it really is, is an attempt to compete with another major brand, who calls their seam invisible.  Well, they sort of are, but only from one direction. 

    The Downside....

    While the price of petroleum prices, and, therefore, the price of  raw vinyl materials has dropped, finished product seem to be rising.  In GLI's case this is probably to help offset the cost of the new equipment needed to modernize their processes.  I suppose we need to brace ourselves, as a whole, anyway, as our nation appears to be leaning toward isolationism. This is not meant to be a political statement, but, rather, a practical reality.   Oklahoma,  there seems to be a desperate rush to find any way to increase taxes an fees, in an effort to compensate for lower revenues from oil, and to replace squandered resources. This, too, will drive up the costs of anything not made in Oklahoma, and we have no liner manufacturers here. 

   GLI has made their new brochures a bit confusing:  Previously, the Destination series was standard in 20 mil, and could be upgraded to 28 mil for an extra fee.  That is still true, except that now, some of the patterns are available in ONLY 28 mil, so that, if you want that pattern, you have to pay the upgrade, making them the same price as the Designer Series!  They no longer call them Designer Series, rather, the blended them into the Destination Series.  I suppose, with the new brochure concept, the idea is to entice customers to first choose a pattern, then discover the added cost.  That puts the salesperson in an awkward position, and I don't appreciate it.   To lessen the confusion, on this site, I will still place these liners under DESIGNER series at the bottom.   The best buy, still, is to chose from the Signature Plus series, if you want a 28 mil.  Otherwise, just remember that those in the "Designer" group are all 28 mil, and are more expensive.  Truthfully, though, If I liked a pattern, and it cost extra to get the heavier liner, I would look at our other brands for something similar.  After all, a liner can only be made so well, and if the other brands were not well made, they wouldn't be in our lineup, I promise.


Gli Liner Patterns

Destination Series In Ground Pool Liners by GL I 

   Destination Series in ground vinyl liners are popular patterns and are standard in 20 mil thickness (at least, as we have them listed).  They can be "upgraded" to 28 mil at an additional charge of about 25%.  While thicker is not always necessarily better, some people prefer (and some may need) the heavier liners. If you want a heavier liner, remember that  there are some great looking  patterns available in the Signature Plus series that are already 28 mil. They are the same price so you might want to take a look at them.    If you happen to have your heart set on one of the attractive patterns from this series, remember that most liners out there are 20 mil, so you're not getting a cheap liner, you're getting a standard liner. It is the manufacturer who determines whether a liner is "cheap" so if the manufacturer stops making top quality, we will stop selling them! If you just love a particular Destination series pattern, there's no reason to shy away, but if you want want a heavier liner, you have the option to order the upgrade. 

Pic - Inground swimming pool liner - Sedona by GLI   In ground swimming pool liner photo - Mesa by GLI   In ground swimming pool liner photo - Blue Raliegh by GLI

Sedona                 Mesa                     Blue Raliegh       

   In ground swimming pool liner photo - Savannah by GLI   Midnight Ocean liner by GLI   In ground swimming pool liner photo - Mountain Summit by GLI  

   Savannah [Photos]  Midnight Ocean    Mtn Summit   


 In ground swimming pool liner photo - Blue Bali by GLI   In ground swimming pool liner photo - Blue Hampton by GLI   Photo - Liner Monterey by GLI  

       Blue Bali          Blue Hampton       Monterey  


 In ground swimming pool liner photo - Caicos by GLI   In ground swimming pool liner photo -Scottsdale GLI

     Ciacos                  Scottsdale


Signature Series  

Signature Series liners have a 28 mil wall and a 20 mil floor. The Idea behind this is that it is presumed that the walls get more wear and are more likely to be damaged.  Good sales tactic, but I don't buy it. There are good reasons to use a 28/20 liner, but that isn't one of them.  One good reason is the the upgrade to a 28 mil wall is free.  And, a couple of them are pretty nice looking!  Heavier walls are good for areas that have deep freeze-thaw cycles, like we do here in  They are also good for pools where the hopper is not symmetrical, because the 20 mil bottom will stretch to fit the anomalies. .  Actually, I've found that they also help with hot weather installations because it reduces the end result stretch on the walls.  Since the walls are heavier, the stretch is mostly on the floor, where there is more material to absorb it.

 In ground swimming pool liner photo -  South Beach by GLI   Lier photo Cabo by GLI   In ground swimming pool liner photo - Blue Cabo by GLI 

  South Beach           Los Cabos            Blue Cabo          

  Clearwater Beach Liner by GLI   Liner Photo LaJolla by GLI    Liner Photo Marco Island by GLI

  Baja                       La Jolla                 Marco Island




Signature Plus Series  In-Ground Liners by GLI   

   Signature Plus series liners feature 28 mil on both the floor and walls, for those who want a heavier liner throughout.   By far our most popular liner, and my personal favorite, the Ocean Beach, is very natural and realistic looking, and is available with Sure-Step floor match textured tread.  Sunset beach is a bit more blue, with a center tile that looks well with some stone themes, though the top border doesn't come across quite as naturally.   Patterns like the Santa Barbara and Santa Rosa work well to hide minor variances in the top track, because they don't have rigidly defined horizontal lines.  Currently, we are able to offer these liners for the same price as the Destination Series. I actually have the Ocean Beach with matching Sure-Step in my own pool.  We have sold so many of them, I was kinda obligated. (Click images for a larger view) 

In ground swimming pool liner photo -  Sunset Beach by GLI    In ground swimming pool liner photo - Santa Rosa by GLI    In ground swimming pool liner photo - Santa Barbara by GL

 Sunset Beach         Santa Rosa             Santa Barbara    

   Liner Photo Ocean Beach by GLI   Liner Photo Whitehaven by GLI       Liner Photo Victoria Falls by GLI

   Ocean Beach [Photos] Whitehaven         Victoria Falls



In ground swimming pool liner photo - Malibu by GL    In ground swimming pool liner photo - Laguna by GL    Liner Photo Modesto by GLI 

Malibu                   Laguna                    Modesto       


   In ground swimming pool liner photo - Key Largo by GLI  




Designer Series Liners by GLI    (Click images for a larger view)

   The Designer Series liners by GLI offers something different, to emulate sand and granite textures.  GLI doesn't actually call them that anymore, they call them 28 mil Destination series.  Because you have no choice but to pay the 28 mil up charge, we still call them Designer series to distinguish them as higher priced.  All Designer series liners are 28 mil and available with matching Sure-Step (optional).  The Designer series liners are priced higher than our other GLI liners, but are good for those who don't mind the extra cost to achieve a specific look.  Materials and workmanship are, as with all GLI liners, excellent.   What cost extra is the design, so most people considering these patterns might want to take another look at the beautiful patterns available in the Signature Plus series!  Also, there are somewhat similar patterns in our other brands. The Destination and Signature series liners, when upgraded to 28 mil, are the same price as the Designer series.  Signature Plus is standard in 28 mil at the 20 mil price.   ( I know, I'm kinda beating a dead horse!)

Torino liner by GLI    Talana liner by GLI     Liner - Black Granite by GLI      

Torino                   Talana                      Black Granite 


 Liner Durango by GLI  Gerano liner by GLI    Gabbiano Liner by GLI   

Durango                Gerano                   Gabiano

Bonito Liner by GLI    Liner Bastia by GLI     Liner - Rio by GLI

   Bonito                   Batista                            Rio

If you have a choice .....




 Now more than ever