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For in-ground vinyl swimming pool liner replacement and installation in the Oklahoma City area, we humbly invite you to choose A-Pro Services.  We'll take good care of you, with liners directly from America's best liner manufacturers. 

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Chester's Tip: 

   I guess, when it all comes down to it, after quality, the best choice in liners is to pick what you like.  Unless, of course, you know that you are going to sell the house soon, and you know that your taste is a little far out.  If you are selling the house, you have to pick what most buyers might like.  Usually, that is something more traditional, but for very high end homes, Loop-Loc has some very interesting reflective, patterns and even a lightly swirled textured pattern.  They cost hundreds more, but you can create some dramatic effects.  If you already have a buyer, you may be able to le them pick the pattern, as a bargaining chip.

   It seems that a lot of people are under the assumption that choosing a darker pattern for their pool liner will make the pool warmer.   While some pool companies, for various reasons (like an incentive to sell the darker patterns), might propagate the idea, it is simply not true.  Heat rises to the top, and even if the water were warmer, more heat would escape, and the net result is actually zero.  If you want to keep the pool warmer naturally, a dark solar blanket on top of the water will help.  By preventing evaporation, solar blankets keep the heat in.






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